The Lyberg conference

The future of election polling

Thank you everyone for attending the Lyberg conference!


The video from the conference will be available soon!

About the Lyberg conference

The future of market research offers both challenges and opportunities. New technologies, declining response rates, and a fast-paced environment enable a survey landscape in constant change to flourish. 

Quality, curiosity, and innovation are essential components integrated in the very essence of Demoskop. Our colleague Lars Lyberg was one of the world's most prominent scholars in the field of survey research. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2021. To honour his memory, and continue the important work that he did, we invite you to the annual Lyberg conference. This year the theme is The future of election polling.

Several world leading researchers will participate and share their views on the developments of election polling. The conference is held in English and there is no admission fee. 

The Lyberg conference will take place Thursday, 1 December, 2022

14.00 - 16.30 (UTC +1).

The conference will be live-streamed on Youtube

Note! It will be possible to attend the conference in person but the number of seats is limited, first come first serve basis.

The conference will take place at:
Epicenter Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 61, 111 56 Stockholm

The link to webinar will be available at least a day before the event takes place. 


Please note that the time is according to UTC+1! 

14.00-14.05   Welcome and introduction, Karin Nelsson
14.06-14.15   Opening Key Note, Lilli Japec
14.16-14.30   The Swedish elections and the polls. What have we learnt?, Johan Martinsson
14.31-14.45    A Bayesian poll averaging model for election predictions: lessons learned, Måns Magnusson

14.46-15.15   Coffee Break

15.16-15.30   Election polls in an international context: The emergence of mixed modes and multiple sampling sources, Claire Durand
15.31-15.45   Quality control in a new survey landscape, Joakim Malmdin

15.46-16.00   Exit polls in Britain, Jouni Kuha
16.01-16.25   The future of election polling, Panel discussion
16.25-16.30   Closing, Karin Nelsson   


About Lars Lyberg

Lars had a successful career. He first started out working for Professor Tore Dalenius at Stockholm University. Tore introduced Lars to many of the important people in our field and he inspired Lars to work in the international arena. In 1966 Lars moved on to work for Statistics Sweden. Over the years Lars contributed to our field in many ways, he founded the Journal of Official Statistics (JOS), co-authored twelve books and numerous journal articles in the field of Survey Research and Survey Quality, initiated numerous international workshops and conferences, and headed many committees. Lars was Head of the Research and Development Department at Statistics Sweden and a great source of inspiration for many of us working in the field of survey research. He was also Professor at Stockholm University where he encouraged many of his students to start working in Official Statistics. The last years he worked for Demoskop. Lars was a true researcher; he was full of ideas and he always wanted to learn more. He received a number of awards such as the AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research) Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement in 2018.

Moderator of the conference



Karin Nelsson

Managing Partner Demoskop AB

Speakers at the conference



Lilli Japec

PhD, Scientific Advisor, Executive Office,
Statistics Sweden


Johan Martinsson

PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science, Director at The SOM Institute, University of Gothenburg


Måns Magnusson

PhD, Assistant professor in Statistics at
Uppsala University



Claire Durand

PhD, Professor, Dept. of Sociology, University of Montreal



Joakim Malmdin

PhL.,Advisor, Statistics Sector,
Statistics Center Abu Dhabi


Jouni Kuha

PhD, Professor of Social Statistics, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)



Karin Nelsson

Managing Partner Demoskop AB
Moderator of the conference